Thai Massage Undo Tension with a Deep Tissue Massage

Thai Massage Therapy Undo Tension with a Deep Tissue Massage

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Muscles tension or knots builds inside the muscle over our lifetimes, causing discomfort and pain. A deep tissue massage can help release that tension by targeting the connective tissue deep within the body.
There are studies that show that a single deep tissue massage session no longer than 60 minutes can lower your blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic). This form of therapy also reduces the inflammation that causes pain, and boosts the production of serotonin (the happy hormone).

The techniques used
Ideally, you should already be familiar with the Swedish massage before trying this deeper form of therapy. While there are many similarities between the two, deep tissue massages use more pressure and are more intense and focused.
Therapists specializing in deep tissue massage in Horsham will employ a variety of techniques including applying pressure with their elbow, which you may not always find comfortable. Muscles that are very tight will be painful even when the pressure is moderate.
This being said, no deep tissue massage should hurt, but feel deeply relaxing despite the increased pressure. A massage that causes pain is virtually useless, because your muscle will automatically tense up rather than relax. Always let your therapist know if you are uncomfortable, so that they can apply less pressure.

Trigger point therapy
Some therapists employ trigger therapy as part of their deep tissue massage routine.
•Those painful spots in the muscle that refer pain to other areas your body are called trigger points.
•Trigger points occur as a result of poor posture, mechanical stress, or acute trauma.
•While they are meant to protect the body, trigger points can become a problem when there is no end to the pain they cause.

This is where trigger point therapy comes in. The therapist locates these painful points and manipulates them to reduce aching and increase flexibility. A point is considered deactivated once you get to feel little discomfort whenever the therapist applies pressure to it.

Post deep tissue massage
Once your massage is over, make sure to drink plenty of water. Otherwise, all that lactic acid will take much longer to flush out and you will feel sore more than usual. Drink a lot of water and the soreness should subside within a day.

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